The EN:Able Communities Strategic Plan

What's 'The Big Idea'?

Our Trustees' plan to make the biggest, most positive impact we can in the communities of Efficiency North's social housing landlords in Yorkshire and Humber.

How community projects have made a difference Meet the Board of Trustees

Income for EN:Able Communities is principally provided by ‘gifts’ from EN:Procure through its Frameworks. However, the charity is working to develop its own income streams by applying to grant funders and seeking contracts from governmental (national and local) bodies.

Since its creation in 2015 the charity has expended over £1.1m (to end of March 2018) in grants and awards, delivering the Social Value outcomes to the communities where our member social landlords work.

In June 2018 the new Board of Trustees met to agree our plan for 2018/19.

We're focussing on 3 main areas:

Developing the workforce for social mobility

In 2018/19, in addition to the 132 (77 existing from 2017/18 and 55 new in 2018/19) apprenticeship positions that EN:Procure's framework contracting partners are required to deliver, EN:Able Communities will invest £195,000 to support a minimum of 100 people through our network of Local Employment Groups (LEGs) within Yorkshire and Humber.  This targeted funding will support people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become either ‘work ready’, gain an apprenticeship, or enter into employment. 

Community Investment

Since the EN:Able Community Investment Fund first opened for applications in 2012 (when it was known as the EN Frameworks 4Good Fund) , EN:Able Communities has spent over £600,000 supporting 159 community organisations within Yorkshire and Humber through grant awards of up to £10,000.  These projects, funded by EN:Able, have had a significant positive impact on people's lives, especially in the more deprived communities in Yorkshire and Humber.

A panel of tenant representatives, together with Contractor representatives, evaluate the community projects' applications for funding.

The 'Big Idea' - projects to support member social landlords  

Trustees have recognised the considerable community support that the charity provides to communities within Yorkshire and Humber. Our key priority over the next 12 months is for us to develop, even further, our relationships with member social landlords. From 2019/20 we will provide credits for each member social landlord to choose the social value projects that they wish to develop. In this way we will support the strategic priorities of each member, bringing real additional value to our partnership.

To learn more about the charity, or to get involved please contact our Head of Operations - Simeon Perry - - 0330 606 1460