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Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) want to hear from you about young people from Kickstart who have made a real difference to your business and impressed you with their progress. This might be by going the extra mile, supporting work colleagues or by making a suggestion which has made a significant difference. Whatever their achievement, we know you will find an award category to suit!

 These awards are open to any young person that has been in a Kickstart job. The awards cover six distinct categories:

  1. Gone the extra mile

This award recognises a young person who has put themselves forward as part of their Kickstart job to deliver work that goes beyond the expectation of the job.                         

  1. Shown amazing innovation

The innovation award recognises a young person who has been able to solve problems in a positive and innovative way.

  1. Overcome obstacles

The award for overcoming obstacles category recognises a young person who has had to address personal obstacles to enable them to complete a Kickstart job.

  1. Helped others

The award for having helped others recognises a young person who has supported others outside of their job role. This could include individual personal support or supporting a team.

  1. Most progress made

The award for most progress made should recognise a young person who has made the best use of the employment support made available and made significant strides in their own personal development.

  1. Significant contribution

The award for significant contribution should recognise a young person who has made a positive impact or contribution to you and/or your business. This young person may have made a positive contribution which has made meaningful change come about.


If you think one of your Kickstart employees should be recognised, then please download and complete the nomination form. Completed nominations should be submitted to: kickstart.awardnominations@DWP.GOV.UK. Please submit only one award nomination for each young person in the category that you feel they should be recognised for.

Nominations for these awards are open from 24 March to 8 April 2022.

Once nominations have closed, DWP will review all nominations received and will only contact you if your nominee has been shortlisted. DWP will aim to do this by 1 June 2022.

This is a fantastic  opportunity to commend young people and give them additional recognition of the skills and attributes they have developed during their participation in the scheme.

Young people who are shortlisted will be invited to attend the Kickstart Event: Working with Young People and Employers to receive their award. Full details will be provided to you if your nominee is successful.