Before Kickstart 

Before the Kickstart scheme, I was a newly graduated from university. I had limited experience in the sector I wanted to work in and due to the rise in unemployment of recent graduates, I made the decision to sign onto Universal Credit. Some of the suggestions from the job centre were directing me into fields I was overqualified for and had failed to get through the recruitment processes previously. I was aware of Sheffield Futures because I had been a service user as a teenager. While checking the Sheffield Futures vacancy page, I found the advert for the Kickstart Assistant Youth Worker position. One month after my final exam at university, I interviewed for the position and was offered the job. 

Since Kickstart 

Since I started the Kickstart position at Sheffield Futures, I have been given many opportunities to develop my applied learning of children and young people’s support systems which is the sector I want to work in. I have been able to develop my experience in a variety of different settings as well as gaining new qualifications that are specific to the industry which has helped to further my knowledge. It has also given me the opportunity to network with people in different positions in the area which has bettered my understanding of the sector and what other opportunities might be available. 

Going Forward 

The Kickstart position has given me experience in the sector which will be invaluable to me going forward. I have developed my knowledge of how children and young people’s support systems function and the variety of paths and professions in the area. This has helped to give me more direction about the career path I want to take. The new qualifications I have gained will help me to be successful in my future career and stand out to possible employers. 

"Sheffield Futures are delighted to welcome Eleanor into our Youth Work team through the Kickstart Scheme. Efficiency North our Kickstart Gateway have made the process simple by liaising with DWP on our behalf."  - Sheffield Futures representative.