Digital Marketing Assistant

Isla MacRae

Bishop Simeon Trust

"I work as a Communications and Fundraising assistant for the Bishop Simeon Trust, an amazing charity which supports vulnerable children living in the poorest communities of South Africa. My role involves me coming up with different ways to raise money for our important cause and communicating with our lovely supporters.

One of the best things about my placement is that I’m encouraged to be creative, to come up with my own ideas and strategies for reaching proposed fundraising targets. My colleagues are incredibly supportive of me, and I feel really lucky to have their advice and guidance, as well as my employability adviser at EN:Able Communities.

I’ve already learnt so much from my Kickstart placement, and it’s made me feel even more excited and ready for the future."

The wonderful charity, Bishop Simeon Trust welcomed Isla in their Kickstart role. The beauty of Kickstart is the value it can add irrespective of what point the young person is at, some may have no experience at all, some may have had some but been impacted by the pandemic. I have no doubts that Isla will continue to do amazing things in the future
Caroline Lee - Social Value Advisor & Kickstart Employability Lead, Efficiency North