Case study - Mackzenzie Herriott

Mackenzie came to us from a background in Art and Design and is very passionate and creative, having done lots of Art projects around Sheffield. Mackenzie loves sketching and drawing and is a very structured and organised person with lots of valuable, transferable skills which we're sure to see shine through in his new role as Procurement Assistant. Mackenzie has been working with Emma Mottram and Lewis Collier to grasp an understanding of how Procurement works using our systems such as Proactis and Microsoft programs, lots of fun Excel spreadsheeting going on!

Mackenzie is settling in well so far, he tells us - 

'I have found my first week already quite interesting. I have learned more about the company and also improving my skills with things such as Microsoft.' 

We also asked Mackenzie if he has faced any challenges in his first week, he said - 

'There has been a few challenges with learning how to use and understand things like Proactis but I managed to overcome that issue.' 

We're delighted to have Mackenzie join us and support the Procurement team, we're confident he'll be a true asset to the team and bring lots of fresh new ideas on board.