Case Study - Tor Satherley

Kickstarter Tor Satherley tells us about their journey with The Conservation Volunteers at Hollybush Centre so far

Name: Tor Satherley

Kickstart employer: The Conservation Volunteers - Hollybush Centre

Jobe role: Health and Wellbeing in Nature Trainee

What does an average day in your new role look like for you?
Although every day can be vastly different, the structure of certain days can be very similar. For example, we have two groups of volunteers that come in on a Wednesday. So, the day will begin with a walk around the site with other staff members, identifying jobs that can be done by the volunteers. Then, once the volunteers arrive, get them started on their jobs, join in, and keep an eye on things. We stop about halfway through for a break and have a cup of tea and a biscuit. This process is repeated with the second group of volunteers in the afternoon, and the day usually ends with a quick team meeting to discuss how the session went and if there is anything that needs flagging / looking at for the next session.

Do you feel supported in your job role? Is there anyone you look up to or go to for guidance?
Yes – there is my direct line manager and 3 other senior figures in the health and wellbeing team that can give support, feedback and advice if needed.

What kind of support do you receive? Is there anything you need more support with?
Support via 1-1 sessions with my line manager, support through the training sessions, lots of mutual support from the other kickstart trainees at Hollybush.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?
Working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.

How do you feel the Kickstart scheme has benefited you?
It has got me into a sector that I would have had little chance of breaking into with my qualifications and experience.

Have you faced any challenges? Were you able to resolve them?
It has taken some time to get my head around the processes and procedures that relate to working for such a big organisation, but with time I feel as though I'm getting to understand these fairly well.

What do you hope to get out of your Kickstart placement?
More experience and confidence in running groups / workshops, applying for funding, experience in the third sector.