Emmaus Sheffield


Location: Sheffield Community Centre, Unit 5, Sipelia Works, Cadman Street, Sheffield

Start Date: 1 January 2017

End Date: 31 December 2017

Grant: £9,945

Project: The Working in the Community Project develops the work programme in order to address the profound effects of multiple deprivation. It focuses on removing Companions’ barriers to achieving work and financial skills by providing activities which gives opportunities to gain new skills during the critical transition period between living in the Emmaus Community and returning to sustainable independent living and work.

Key Aims:  The workshop and art room has been completed with improved heating lighting and safety. Training in all areas has been completed with 2 Companions now competent as electrical appliance testers to City and Guilds level.  The boat being built in Emmaus has been launched and occupied (5th July 2017).

Efficiency: they have improved the facilities and services they are able to provide to their Companions and their Customers. They have created additional work areas all of which are now in use; there is more effective use of Staff, volunteer and Companion time, allowing better one to one monitoring.

Employment and Skills: The skill levels of their Companions have improved exponentially allowing a quicker and wider response to customer’s needs. Training has been and continues to be undertaken in arts and crafts, furniture restoration, aluminium smelting, carpentry and electrical appliance testing.

Social and economic Regeneration: their Our customer base has expanded to 500 individual visits per week, helping more people in our community and made the social enterprise more sustainable, allowing us to reach more economically disadvantaged people.

Sustainability: The Social Enterprise is all about sustainability using reclaimed timber to make small artefacts, e.g. Bird and bat boxes and garden furniture. Re-cycle aluminium cans being turned into small items of jewellery. Approximately 150 tons per year of household articles not going to land fill.


“Having moved on to live on my boat and a job, a huge thank you for all your help and support. I would never have had the confidence to achieve this without you help”  - Tony, Volunteer

“It’s a pleasure to see that the Companions get so much support and help to make their lives more effective and to be part of the process.” – Laura, Volunteer

The Author

Written by Lorna Hadley

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