York Vineyard Church Job Club

The YVC Job Club aimed to give help and support to the unemployed, through an eight week course focussing on: developing members confidence and skills; involvement with a community of others who also are looking to make positive changes in their lives; and one-to-one coaching sessions with a trained Job Club manager.

The CAP Job Club

The CAP Job Club was designed to equip members with practical tools necessary to find employment, whilst rebuilding their confidence and self-esteem. The combination of a “Steps to Employment” course, one-to-one coaching, and a supportive community was designed so that even the long term unemployed could find work

These courses were run across 2018, supported by a grant of £4335 provided by the Community Investment Fund: though only £1628 of this was spent across the year, allowing the support to carry on long past this date and the organisation to seek alternative avenues to give their support.

Across this time, there were a total of 25 beneficiaries of York Vineyard Church’s work – a fantastic result for £1628 of investment into the community.

One of the people who successfully got work as a result of coming to the Job Club is now employed as a Manager in an organisation helping people who are recovering from addiction, and she has asked YVC to deliver a sessions to support those that are leaving treatment into employment – a fantastic result!

The Author

Written by Natalie Irving