The Cascade Foundation


Location: Marsh Gate, Doncaster

Start Date: 24th February 2017

End Date: 31st August 2017

Grant: £10,000

Project: The pilot “Cascade Jumpstart” was a locally developed managed training programme designed to enable people with learning disabilities, who are normally denied employment, to train to enter the workforce. By starting this research within the Doncaster prison first, they found so many disadvantages learners, 72% had no qualifications, and 62% had been expelled from school, some from the age of 11 years.

Key Aims: The project achieved many goals. They helped their learners to understand their own learning disabilities, understand the importance of food and cooking for their disability, teaching about construction and DIY, and setting up their own construction social enterprise.

Efficiency: in their first rented building. They have reduced the expenditure of their funding and it has helped to find flexible solutions into buying recycled kitchen equipment planning and organising cost effectiveness, by offering a range of intelligence and flexible solutions, this will lead to efficiencies and savings.

Employment and skills: They offer a range of employment and training opportunities targeted at people with learning difficulties, their courses are to work with local people developing their skills, abilities and confidence. And to support them into setting up a small social enterprise companies or to engage with a new idea for the Cascade Charity, to set up a working team.

Social and Economic Regeneration: The project is changing the community within the Doncaster area by targeting funding bringing into Doncaster and surrounding areas for the local people. They need to support and have lots of patience to understand the jobs that was once in the North have gone, leaving generations of families distraught. The Cascade project works hand-in-hand in the community getting people involved with becoming a volunteer or becoming an ambassador in their charity.

Sustainability: All the help that they have had from local companies have been to sustain the environment by integrating green energy solutions, all their lights was construction waste. They do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment.

Quotes:  Dale said “he is over the moon, with this project helping him to learn about doing DIY and understanding how foods affects him with his learning, he wants to do more courses and to help set up a idea for him to work on, like car washing and making money for the hub.”

(Learning about his disability, food and learning DIY skills)

Ian said “he loves this project, he as a better understand of his dyslexia, and he as made friends and does not feel, like he is a failure anymore he feels like a part of a team.”

(Ian has no qualifications, due to his dyslexia, but he is a great teacher)

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Written by Lorna Hadley

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