Castaway Music Theatre Goole


Location: Castaway Music Theatre, Escort Street, Goole

Start Date: January 2016

End Date: July 2016

Grant: £2,500

The Project:  The Castaway Goole project works with c 100 adults and young people with learning and physical disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions and mental health difficulties. They run a full weekly programme of music, drama, dance, film and multimedia activities and education, and are developing advocacy and volunteer training to enhance our community contribution. Established in 2005, they moved into their own premises for the first time in August 2014, based in Goole town centre and area of high social and economic need.

Key Aims:  With their EN:Able grant they were able to buy a full set of 70 stacking chairs which look great and flexibly meet all their needs for activities, including our big community choir, rehearsals for their show group, events, meetings, community and public use. A huge difference. They recruited 12 volunteers and ran training as planned on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings from January to March 2016. They have achieved a pool of volunteers to call on, of which some will need further supported experience and others have already become an asset in running their building.

Employment and Skills: The project provided 12-week training / placement opportunities for 12 learning disabled adults with carefully matched skills development, one to one support, and genuine workplace opportunities to apply what they had learnt. They also offer a weekly programme of education and training workshops, including those in partnership with the Workers’ Educational Association.

Social and Economic Regeneration: This project can offer activities, training, arts and community events. It has helped bring disabled and non-disabled together through open door community activities such as Castaway Sing – their big choir and through shared volunteering.

Quotes: ‘after being trained to help ‘wait on tables’ I really enjoyed the experience, which in turn made me feel good and useful’ Carl Rudland, Refreshment team trainee volunteer

‘Excellent venue, great asset for the community.’

‘Good venue, stimulating artists, alternative to the norm, just what Goole needs. Made to feel welcome. Well organised.’

‘Love the venue – great room, lighting and sound. Friendly people welcomed us and made us feel at home. Great cake!’

Audience members, Castaway arts Fest


The Author

Written by Lorna Hadley

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