Hull Kingston Rovers Trust

Started in 2008, Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust began as a long-term vision to inspire people through sport and physical activity. Using the Hull Kingston Rovers Brand, the Trust are able to work with a wide range of partners to deliver enjoyable and inspirational initiatives within their communities.

Building Change Through Dance

Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust deliver a wide range of initiatives aimed at affecting positive change within local communities. Many of these initiatives involve inspiring participants through sport and physical activity, aiming to deliver real and lasting benefits in terms of education, health, and wellbeing.

“We first learnt about Efficiency North in 2016 through an e – newsletter which had information about their EN:Able Community Investment Fund. There was an information event at a local community centre and our Trust Manager attended to find out more. From this we submitted a bid to the fund.

We were successful with our bid to the EN:Able Community Investment Fund and we were awarded £4800 to deliver a dance project to clients from Case Training, a local organisation who worked with young people and adults with learning difficulties. The project saw us run weekly dance sessions at the stadium, with some of the funding used to subsidise transport costs. 12 months on and the participants have learned a full dance routine and performed in front of small and big audiences. The

staff tell us that they are always practicing their dance and have become fitter because of it. They have had lots of fun and become firm friends. The Dance Coach has also learned Makaton to be able to communicate more effectively with them. They can now all touch their toes (something none of them could do at the first session) and they love to come to their dance lessons.”


The Author

Written by Natalie Irving

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