The Art of Recovery

CREATivE stART CIC is an award-winning organisation that delivers abstinence-based drug and alcohol recovery programmes in the community. In CIF Round 6, EN:Able Communities gave £9,910 to support their work through their Art of Recovery workshops.

Tackling Recovery One Art Project at a Time

The Art of Recovery is a series of abstinence-based drug and alcohol recovery workshops run by the amazing CREATivE stART CIC based in Grimsby.

Run once a week, each Art of Recovery workshop lasts three hours and is delivered by a professional Art and Recovery Mentor supported by a team of experienced volunteers. On top of these weekly workshops, the CREATivE stART team also provide up to two further workshops a week on a voluntary basis due to the enthusiasm and demand for the initiative.

In a little over a year, using funding given by EN:Able Communities, the Art of Recovery Workshops directly helped 92 people recovering from addiction. The reach of the initiative is far greater than that however, with other key beneficiaries of their programmes including family members of people in recovery, community recipients of artwork, and other organisations.

In addition to helping members cultivate skills across various art projects, CREATivE stART CIC also upskilled two volunteers during this time, training them to deliver the Art of Recovery Workshops themselves.

Though many of the group go on to find work, most are still actively involved in the programme. Those that are not fit for work yet are supported by CREATivE stART with their benefits paperwork, and the team continue to help build their confidence through voluntary tasks.

Visit CREATivE stART CIC's website  to find out more about the great work they do.



“I was still suffering badly with alcohol withdrawals and was completely desperate for any type of help I could get. Sam immediately took me under his wing and helped guide me on the correct path to removing alcohol from life.”





“I have learnt to ditch the bad quick fixes i.e.  alcohol, self-harm, binge eating, and drugs for coping with mental health struggles. I have eventually learnt healthy strategies to stop with the unhealthy urges. It was definitely not easy in anyway, but I wanted to stop pressing this self-destruct button!”



The Author

Written by Natalie Irving

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