EN:Connect Carbon Reduction & Retrofit

EN:Connect Carbon Reduction & Retrofit Group #9

Session Theme:

“What clients should look for during PAS 2035 Retrofits to ensure compliance” – now that Wave 1 SHDF is underway and as guidance for those preparing to bid for Wave 2 in August.

This session will be hosted by EN:Procure Head of Membership Carl Bairstow and will be joined by Arnout Andrews from The Retrofit Academy who will lead the session on the above covering:

  • What clients should be looking for on PAS 2035 compliant retrofits to ensure compliance

  • Key steps and information that should be asked for and checked during the retrofit process

  • Some of the common shortcuts that may be taken by contractor led approaches or by inexperienced RC’s

  • What a good RC or Assessor looks like and key questions to ask during selection

  • Opportunity to ask any questions on PAS 2035 compliance

The session will run for around 1 hour before a general Q&A will take place allowing attendees to ask any questions they may have for peers and colleagues in the session.

Please contact Carl Bairstow carl.bairstow@efficiencynorth.org to join this session

This session's speaker:

Arnout Andrews - The Retrofit Academy

Andrew is also the Director at Andrews Environmental Consultancy: Specialist in existing social housing deep retrofit

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