EN:Connect - Employment Stimulation and Skills

2pm 13 July 2021


14.00  Welcome, Introductions, Apologies  Simeon Perry, Head of Operations, EN:Able Communities

14.10  National Policy Update  Lynsey Sweeney, Managing Director, Communities That Work

14.30  Case Study: Incommuniites  Nicki Edwards, Employment Hub Contract Manager, Incommunities

14.50  Shared Prosperity Fund - what will it be?  Community Renewal Fund Update  Heather Waddington, Investment Manager, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

15.10  Future meetings  Topics for discussion - seeking landlords to present their good practice  Simeon Perry

15.30 CLOSE

Please contact Simeon Perry for further information E:Simeon.Perry@efficiencynorth.org

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EN:Connect - Employment Stimulation and Skills

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