EN:Connect Procurement & Supply Chain Management

EN:Connect Procurement and Supply Chain Management

To join this session please contact our Director of Operations for EN:Procure, Emma Mottram.


9.30 - Welcome & Introductions 

9.35 - Overview of Construction Playbook and Framework Gold Standards and EN’s Response (Darren Walker & Emma Mottram)

10.20 - Overview of EN’s proposed implementation of ESG via our Frameworks and DPS (Istvan Baranyi & Sarah Murray)

11.05 – Round Table Discussion

11.30 – Next Meeting Agenda and Close 

This sessions speakers

Emma Mottram
Director of Operations, EN:Procure

Darren Walker
Supply Chain Manager, EN:Procure

Sarah Murray
 Principal Framework Manager, EN:Procure

Istvan Baranyi
Procurement Manager, EN:Procure

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