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#11 Digitalisation in Housing: system thinking

10 am Thursday 25 June 2020   TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE


Covid-19 has brought to the fore the need for digital solutions for operating effectively and has also forced landlords to re-consider their internal digital solutions.  It is making us all re-think our digital operational approaches and provides an opportunity to improve our operations for the future.  This session will highlight how digital systems are being deployed in transforming our housing management and delivery services for everyone’s benefit.

This session is aimed at our Landlord Operational & Investment Managers, Business Change Managers and ICT Managers and those responsible for driving change and improvement.

Carl Bairstow (EN)  - will speak about the range of digital technologies available today for consideration within housing, improving operations and efficiencies, and tenant experiences.

Nick Jeffreys (Total Mobile)  - will talk about their new affordable standalone Remote Assistance app, which enables easy 1:1 video connection with no tenant app required developed in response to C19, which is gaining rapid uptake for many applications in housing interactions and beyond.

Mike Gilsenan (City of York Council) -  will speak about their journey of choosing and adopting their new Housing Management system and what changes it has meant for them as an organisation


#10 Building Safety Compliance

10 am Thursday 18 June 2020

Making housing stock compliant with all Health & Safety requirements is an ongoing challenge which has been made more difficult in light of Covid-19 challenges.  Dicussion will focus on approaches to managing ongoing compliance services and compliance investment (gas, asbestos, fire, lifts etc..) in relation to Covid-19 and beyond.

With Laurence Coatsworth, Operating Director, Sureserve Group, Andrew Stubbs, Managing Director of MCP Environmental, Sarah Murray, Principal Framework Manager, and Liz Quinn, Framework Manager, EN:Procure

#9 Social Housing and Employment - APPG consultation

10 am Thursday 11 June 2020  TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Housing and Employment has a consultation period until 30 June to seek social landlords opinions on how they can support the employment of tenants. 

With Lynsey Sweeney, Managing Director, Communities that Work and also the secretary for the APPG on Social Housing and Employment who will offer practical steps on how to  facilitate tenants to gain employment.

#8 Low Carbon and Retrofit

10 am Thursday 4 June 2020  TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

Whilst Covid-19 has been our sector’s immediate current focus, transforming our existing housing stock to a lower carbon impact is a challenge we are all facing.  This session will enable members to share their current strategies and thoughts on how this is being tackled within their organisation as a multi-faceted approach is required.

With Emily Braham, Director for Energiesprong UK and sustainability lead for Nottingham City Homes

#7 Post Covid-19 Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS)

10 am Thursday 28 May 2020  TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

Discussion and sharing of RAMS, Covid-19 secure working methods and approaches developed to date by our framework contractors, with Carrina Elkington, Health and Safety Manager, Together Housing Group and Richard Paul, Health and Safety Manager, J Tomlinsons.

#6 Preparing for the post-Covd-19 era - contract management

10 am Thursday 21 May 2020

Dealing fairly with claims for contract variations due to additional contract costs being borne by contractors, and new post Covid-19 contract clauses for new contracts.

With Emma Mottram, Director of Operations, EN:Procure, Sarah Murray, Principal Framework Manager, EN:Procure, Alistair Robertson, Director, Construction & Engineering, Walker Morris.

#5 Recovering from, and managing, the impact of Covid-19 on New Build Housing Schemes

10 am Thursday 14 May 2020  TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

This session is for Landlord Development Managers and our New Build contractors and supply chain to  share knowledge on current thinking and mitigation, including current work practices both on site and across the sub supply chain in returning to sites, and what this also means for Client Teams, the planning system, and Homes England funding and the wider economy.

with Kevin Knott, New Build Manager, EN:Procure

Graham Wingfield, Director of Operations, EN:Able Build

Stuart Leslie, Divisional Director, Esh

Graham Whiteford, Planning Specialist, Walker Morris

Lisa Jones, Supply Specialist, Homes England

#4 Preparing for the post-Covid-19 era - Remobilising Planned Works and clearing Responsive Repairs Backlogs

10 am Thursday 7 May 2020   TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

How we can work smarter together as a sector.

Current thinking, planning activity undertaken so far and members' near and medium term plans and approaches  re-mobilising both planned and responsive repair services safely to support tenants and the wider economy, once current restrictions start to ease.

with Elaine Armitage, Head of Investment, Together Housing Group

Adam Crampton, Head of Property Management at Leeds City Council

The session included a summary of the outputs from previous webinars held both by ourselves and in parallel by Elaine and Chris Margrave on behalf of our sector with our members and our supply chain.

#3 Supporting apprentices during Covid-19

10 am Thursday 30 April 2020   TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

with Rob Smith, Apprenticeship Contracts Manager, Leeds College of Building and Julie Deeley, Director of Operations, and Hannah Norton, Development Coach, EN:Able Futures

- How apprentices can still complete on time and what happens if they don't complete

- safer working on site, home working and mental health

- EN:Able Futures support

#2 Impact on procurement during Covid-19 - PPN 02

10 am Thursday 23 April 2020   TO VIEW RECORDING CLICK HERE

- With expert advice from David Kilduff, Partner, Walker Morris

PPN 02 -an in-depth look at the scope of the cabinet office's procurement policy note re financial support of contractors

- who it applies to

- what it means

- how to apply PPN 02 in practice

- its impact on contract terms taking into account Covid-19 recurring

#1 Covid-19 and its impact on the sector

 10 am Thursday 9 April 2020

- Unexpected challenges

- Timescales of impacts

- Plans for recovery

- Where is help required

Karl Anders, partner at Walker Morris,  expert advice on emerging legal implications.