EN:Connect ESG

Supporting high standards of governance, social value, impact on the environment and the responsible management of relationships with key stakeholders and in the communities served by our membership

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EN:Connect ESG

This new workstream for Efficiency North’s successful EN:Connect programme will concentrate on all matters Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the social housing and wider built environment sector. The workstream will explore a range of approaches to ESG strategy formation and implementation and will curate contributions from experts and practitioners alike to better inform our Members future ESG plans.

This workstream will be of particular interest to leaders and managers involved in ESG strategy formation and delivery and will cut across a range of strategic and practitioner based issues and is open to all social housing landlords in the North

Please contact Lee Parkinson lee.parkinson@efficiencynorth.org for more information about this workstream and invitations to the session

Meetings upcoming in 2023

Wednesday 9th August 2023 (2pm - 3pm)

Wednesday 6th December 2023 (2pm-3pm)

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