1. Non-Profit and Socially Conscious: We are a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to supporting contractors in their engagement with social enterprises and non-profit organisations.

  2. Simplified Apprenticeship Management: We take the hassle out of employing an apprentice. Hosts only need to provide the work experience component.

  3. Pastoral Mentoring Service: Our personalised mentoring service offers support to apprentices in their home lives.

  4. In-Work Mentoring Service: We provide personalised support to both apprentices and hosts in the workplace.

  5. Academic Mentoring Service: Our academic mentoring service ensures apprentices receive personalised support in college to help them succeed.

  6. Expert Recruitment Services: We offer experienced recruitment services that not only reduce costs for hosts but also improve the quality of apprentice hires.

  7. In-Depth Apprenticeship Knowledge: We possess a comprehensive understanding of the apprenticeship landscape, making it easy to navigate its complexities.

  8. Inclusive Recruitment: By collaborating closely with our members, including Social Housing Providers and Local Employment Groups, we ensure inclusive recruitment practices.

  9. Diverse Range of Apprenticeship Standards: We offer a wide range of apprenticeship standards, from Level 2 through to Level 6.

  10. Building Careers in the Built Environment: We increase the availability of apprenticeships, bridging skill gaps in cases where traditional routes fall short.

  11. Highly Skilled and Motivated Apprentices: Our holistic support empowers hosts to benefit from apprentices who are not only skilled but also highly motivated.

  12. Cost Savings: Traditional apprenticeships often demand significant investments in terms of time and money. Our approach saves you resources.

  13. Removing Barriers for Businesses: We employ the apprentice, making it simple for hosts to provide work experience without additional financial burdens.

  14. Flexible Work Pipeline: For situations where a continuous commitment isn't feasible, our 'Shared Apprentice' service allows hosts to engage apprentices for shorter periods, with alternative placements provided.

  15. Ten Years of Excellence: With a decade of experience, we've celebrated our ten-year anniversary by creating 466 new apprenticeship opportunities across 138 different hosts, delivering 47 diverse types and levels of apprenticeship standards.