Ben Joins Hi-Point as Level 2 Roofing Apprentice

Ben has recently embarked on a promising journey as a Level 2 Roofing Apprentice with Hi-Point, thanks to the EN:Able Futures Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Service

Ben has recently embarked on a promising journey as a Level 2 Roofing Apprentice with Hi-Point Access Limited, thanks to the EN:Able Futures Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Service. 

Hi-Point, with its commitment to delivering exceptional roofing services, believes that investing in talented individuals like Ben is crucial for the industry's growth and development.

The EN:Able Futures Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Service is designed to bridge the gap between aspiring construction professionals and employers seeking to cultivate skilled workers. It provides a valuable opportunity for candidates to gain practical experience while earning a living wage.

EN:Able Futures, the driving force behind the Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Service, expressed their delight at Ben's successful integration into the industry. The organisation's mission is to provide individuals with the necessary skills and opportunities to thrive in the construction sector. 

With the robust vetting and recruitment process facilitated by EN:Able Futures, Hi-Point, a reputable roofing company, recognised Ben's potential and warmly welcomed him to their team. Known for their excellence in the industry, Hi-Point Access Limited offers an ideal environment for Ben to hone his skills and knowledge in roofing.

As a Level 2 Roofing Apprentice, Ben will have the privilege of working under the guidance of experienced professionals at Hi-Point. His responsibilities will include various aspects of roofing, such as installations, repairs, and maintenance. This hands-on experience, coupled with the theoretical knowledge gained through the apprenticeship program, will equip Ben with the expertise needed to excel as a skilled roofing professional.

To explore current apprenticeship opportunities and start your own career journey with EN:Able Futures, view our vacancies here and unlock a world of possibilities in the construction industry.

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