From Apprentice to Apprenticeship Manager - Sophie's Story

EN:Able Futures new team in the North East both started their careers as apprentices. Here's Sophie's story

I am incredibly passionate about apprenticeships as I think it is one of the best ways you can learn and allows you to do so quickly, all whilst getting into employment.

I have completed two apprenticeships in Business Administration (Level 2 & 3). I first began looking for an apprenticeship in January 2013, at the time I was enrolled on an Event Management Foundation Degree. I had applied for my degree quite late into my second year at Sixth Form as I did not know what direction I wanted to go in after leaving college. However, soon after I started my course I quickly realised it was not for me, and I began looking for an apprenticeship. I left my course at the end of January 2013 and by the middle of February I had started my level 2 apprenticeship with Simply Thank You.

During my time at Simply Thank You I supported the Client Services team, managed the ARK Scheme (Acts of Random Kindness) and soon after I was promoted to Client Services Executive. Towards the end of 2015 I decided that I wished to pursue a different career direction. I saw an advert for a Level 2 Business Apprentice at a 4-18 school in Darlington. As I had completed this qualification I contacted them and asked if I could apply for the post, but for the Level 3 qualification this time.

I My application was succesful and I started in January 2016, working predominantly in the Junior School, but I also worked with the Senior School and the Sixth Form. During my time at the school, I delivered a speech to the Sixth Form Pupils about the benefits of apprenticeships and the invaluable real hands-on work experience they provide. In April 2019 I gained a new position at a school in Yarm as Headmaster’s PA which I would not have gained without my valuable experience as an apprentice.

Being able to complete an apprenticeship in two completely different settings has been hugely beneficial for me and has allowed me to gain several skills that I have brought into my current post as Assistant Apprenticeship Manager. I truly believe that if I had known a little more about apprenticeships in my final years at school and sixth form, I would have considered an apprenticeship when leaving, rather than feeling pressured to go to university.

I think it is extremely important that young people are more aware of the different kinds of apprenticeships and what the benefits to completing one are, and where they can lead you.

I am looking forward to working with local schools and colleges to promote apprenticeships in the construction industry, and also to work with apprentices to give my first-hand experience as an apprentice.

To find out more about EN:Able Futures construction-based apprenticeships in the North East contact Sophie at:

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