Matthew Successfully Completes Civil Engineering Technician Apprenticeship

Matthew Byford Loggie has achieved a significant milestone in his career as he completes his Level 3 Civil Engineering Technician Apprenticeship with host Alan Wood & Partners.

Matthew is pictured above with Tracy Worsnop his Apprenticeship Manager.

Joining EN:Able Futures in June 2021, Matthew embarked on this apprenticeship journey while working for host company the renowned engineering firm Alan Wood & Partners.

Having initially secured a university place for civil engineering, Matthew's decision to opt for hands-on experience through an apprenticeship has proven to be rewarding. Reflecting on his journey, Matthew expressed satisfaction with his choice and eagerness to further progress in his career after completing his Level 3 qualification.

"I chose to take the apprenticeship route in structural engineering as I wanted real hands-on experience of the job. You are improving all the time, jobs and projects are all varied so they are testing my skills and I am not faced with the same challenges twice," Matthew said.

Paul Steadman, Office Director at Alan Wood & Partners, commended Matthew's dedication and rapid progress. He noted Matthew's proactive approach to learning, highlighting his ability to enhance his skills and contribute significantly to the firm's projects, he said "Matthew is consistently pro-active in improving his own learning, his thinking, researching and then asking questions; this is a great asset for him but equally for us".

Alison Ringrose, Business Development Manager at Alan Wood & Partners, emphasised the importance of nurturing talent within the industry. She highlighted the invaluable contribution of apprentices like Matthew, who bring a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the table. She said "Trying to find people with the right skills in the industry is quite difficult, so we thought if we grow our own as it were, we teach them as we want them to be taught and train them up in the ways that the business needs to be able to grow,".

Matthew's successful completion of his apprenticeship underscores the effectiveness of hands-on training in preparing individuals for the demands of the civil engineering and construction industry. With his dedication and expertise, Matthew is poised to make significant contributions as he continues to advance in his career with Alan Wood & Partners.

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Written by EN:Able Futures