Ashley Fellows - SBS

Apprentice Name: Ashley Fellows

Host employer Name: Sandersons Building Services

Trade: Quantity Surveying

Qualification: Level 3 Construction and the Built Environment

Location: Mexborough

Date started: 04/09/2017

Date completed: Due to complete in 2019

Previous circumstances prior to starting apprenticeship:

Ashley studied Sociology, Maths, Sport and Geography A-Levels at Wath Comprehensive. He enjoyed them all, particularly the Maths, which would later come in very handy!

Whilst working part-time as a Lifeguard, Ashley was searching for an Apprenticeship that would tie in two of his main interests – maths and construction site work.

Through doing some research he discovered Quantity Surveying and grabbed the opportunity when he saw this Apprenticeship being advertised.

Brief description of duties:

He has a variety of duties as part of his job, including:

  • Pricing jobs/tendering for jobs.

  • Monthly valuations of projects.

  • Site surveys.

  • Monitoring projects.

  • Ensuring H&S standards are met on site.

  • Site visits.

Liaising with clients and architects. 

What difference has doing the apprenticeship made to your life?

Ashley feels that working at Sandersons has developed his skills a lot. He confesses he didn’t really know what he was doing when he first started but really appreciates all he has learnt.

It’s built his confidence a lot as he has worked with a lot of older people and a wider range of people, so he has had to mature.

It’s given him a steady wage without having to get a student loan which has really helped.

Having the qualification will really help future, whether he would want to go into full-time employment or continue onto a higher-level qualification.

What are your aims for your future career?

Ashley has really impressed Sandersons since the very beginning. So much so that they are taking Ashley into their own employment for the 2nd year of his Apprenticeship.

So long as he keeps on learning he will be happy!

The Author

Written by EN:Able Futures