Ben Smith - Galliford Try

Ben Smith, has recently successfully completed his Business Admin apprenticeship which has been kindly hosted by Galliford Try, in Normanton. Previously to joining the EN:Able Futures team Ben worked part time at a Hardware Retailer and admits himself he had no real long-term career opportunities.

Initially Ben had to overcome nerves and build his confidence to be able to pick up the phone and talk to Galliford Try’s supply chain. He quickly managed to overcome these initial nerves and from the early days the EN:Able Team were proud to be receiving positive reports that Ben was doing very well. He made a great first impression by creating a Supply Chain KPI spreadsheet, which has since been adopted and is now to be used nationwide, which he presented to Supply Chain Managers earlier in the year.

Since joining the team he has gone from strength to strength. Nicky, Ben’s Development Coach from EN:Able has consistently sung Ben’s praises for his achievements from day 1, commenting ‘this is exactly why I love to do what I do’.

Ben works with the Pre-Construction team, helping the team in tendering projects by sending initial enquiries out to the supply chain; creating graphics to be integrated into the final submission documents and other administrative duties such as arranging meetings with key subcontractors. Recently Ben has enjoyed visiting live sites which has grown his knowledge and skills and allowed him to understand the process from pre-construction to becoming a ‘live’ site.

Ben has shared with his EN:Able Futures Development Coach, ‘the opportunity that EN: Able Futures have given me has allowed me to mature as an individual and secure full time employment here at Galliford Try, who have gone above and beyond to support me thought my apprenticeship which I appreciate massively. I have completed a NVQ Level 2 which will help me to progress onto a NVQ Level 3. Finally, the apprenticeship has allowed me to have long term career aspirations and goals which is a huge motivator’.

In addition Bens tutor Sarah, from The Source shared that she is ‘happy to give an update on Ben. Stating he is one of the best students she has. Observing he has progressed well and is above expected at this stage’. Sarah added that ‘Ben takes ownership of his qualification by setting tasks independently and completing work to a very high standard and also undertakes regular off the job training and has recently gone off site to learn the ropes there’.

Martin Armitage, Business Development Director at Galliford Try, said: “Ben has shown nothing but enthusiasm since coming to work at Galliford Try, we wish we could have more young people like him, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. From the beginning of his host placement through EN:Able Futures CIC, Ben has proven his commitment to becoming an integral part of the Construction Team and we had no hesitation in offering him a permanent position”.

Ben is looking forward to his career in construction, now he has been offered a full-time permanent position with the Galliford Try team. Ben will be responsible to a Contracts Manager undertaking numerous duties which will allow him to gain further and wider understanding of all the roles within the industry and make an informed decision about his career path in due time.

Ben has shared with us of his future aims: ‘My aims for the future are to continue at Galliford Try as it is such a supportive company and a great place to work. Also, I aim to progress onto a Level 3 then either a Level 4 or HNC/HND.’

Congratulations Ben on your achievements in the last 12 months. The EN:Able Futures team would like to wish you continued success in the future.

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Written by EN:Able Futures