Elliot Machin

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Elliot Machin

I have always liked working with electrics and have re-wired previous houses with my dad, and I was very keen to work within the construction industry. Therefore, I thought Building Services Engineering would be a good way to start my career.

EN:Able interested me because they offered me a future apprenticeship that included work as well college, with additional support. This interested me because I liked the idea of earning while learning. It has allowed me to look into how construction businesses actually work, and I have gained some practical knowledge and not just theory.

Since I started this apprenticeship, I have learnt so much within the building services team; from electrical to mechanical information. I am always busy with work, which I enjoy! I feel I have been able to progress my knowledge and mental capability, as well as gaining insight into how things are created and how they come to life. For example, I have been learning how the services of a building come together and what should and shouldn’t be done. I have also learnt a lot about regulations which I wouldn’t have thought even existed, which are helping me understand why particular things may or may not be used.

So far, I have enjoyed everything I have done at work and college. This experience has allowed me to grow up, meet new friends, and, most of all, meet brilliant colleagues. I have been doing lots of drawings at work, whether this might be on CAD or other software: I have really enjoyed this and have had lots of tutorials on how to use it quickly and efficiently by other engineers. I have also started to use Heavacomp, which is a software which works with the CAD document to work out and calculate things such as u-values, heat loss, pipe size and so on.

Now I have started my apprenticeship, I am looking forward to completing my course to a high standard. So far, the work at college (delivered by Leeds College of Building) has been enjoyable so I am going to put the work in to allow me to succeed in the course. In the next two years I would like to progress in either a Building Services level (4-5) course or an Electrical Building Services level (4-5) course. So far, I have really enjoyed doing the work and I feel it is just going to get better: I have found a perfect career path for me.

In the future I hope to be a fully qualified Electrical Engineer or Electrical Building Services Engineer. I would love to complete a HND in this subject and perhaps even a master’s degree.

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