Megan Savage

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Megan Savage

This opportunity stood out to me as I have had some interest in architecture from a young age and had looked into similar jobs in the same sector. After being put off by the amount of time needed at university to qualify as an architect, I thought this apprenticeship looked more appropriate for me as my first step onto the ladder in the construction industry. The qualification which I would eventually start also seemed like a good opportunity, with many different routes to take upon completion.

This opportunity, including the pre-apprenticeship support and ‘keep warm’ events, has allowed me to achieve many workplace skills that I did not have previously as I am not used to being in full time employment. These skills include more independent working and managing having more responsibilities.

At college, we don’t see the tutors often and a lot of the assignments are done at work or at home in our own time with little help: this has been different to the constant help I received each day when I previously attended sixth form. I feel this has made me use my initiative more as I must find help or ask my colleagues.

We have had a variety of interesting and difficult tasks at work. The importance of getting it right has been explained and there has been some encouragement to succeed and help the department! I have enjoyed meeting new people at work and getting out on site to visually learn about the job. I enjoy learning in the classroom environment as I am used to this; but it is good to see some work on site.

In the first few weeks of this opportunity, I enjoyed circulating around different departments and job roles as this gave me more of an insight into how the team work together and allowed me to understand my colleagues within work. I am also now enjoying learning new things at college: for example, I previously had no knowledge about footings of a structure of the RIBA plan of works, however I am now hearing certain terms much more in work and can relate to what others are talking about.

I am looking forward to my work as an apprentice and finding out what I want to do in the future. I would like to be settled in a department and to understand the work in more depth. I would enjoy seeing a project through from start to finish with a surveyor, as well as seeing the majority of the work they do rather than just small parts or the work on site. I would also like to have a clearer path set out for my future, including what I can do when I have finished this current apprenticeship.

My hope for the future is to be qualified in a job I am happy in and enjoy doing in my day-to-day life. I would like to push myself to continue to gain more qualifications in the future and eventually be in a profession that is an aspiration for me currently.

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