Sam Burton

EN:Able Futures Academy Apprentice

Sam Burton

I was drawn towards this opportunity because I saw an opening that would allow me to progress in an established career. Previous experiences of engineering at college and working alongside my dad in kitchen fitting also helped in swaying me towards a construction course.

During and after college I was actively looking for an apprenticeship. I had no specific subject area or career that I wanted to go into when applying, except from something that could provide with foundations to gain qualifications and a recognised career. Saying this, I did look at many engineering apprenticeships, which are somewhat similar to this opportunity.

Since starting I feel that I have gained an understanding of where my qualification can take me i.e. level 4, 5 etc. The pre-apprenticeship support from EN:Able Futures has helped with this. On top of this, since I started college, I have started to gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the different aspect/units. I have resurfaced knowledge such as maths and science, whilst learning new ideas more specifically about construction e.g. foundation types or the members of a construction team.

At work I have gained experience in a workplace environment whilst learning new skills specific to my company. Skills I have picked up specific to my company so far include; fire safety regulations, void surveying, EPC surveying and much more. I have enjoyed accepting more responsibility than before at college or school and I enjoyed visiting the site of the new housing developments at the old David Lister School.

During college, with learning by Leeds College of Building, I have enjoyed meeting new people and gaining a better understanding of construction in the built environment.

I am looking forward to adding to my knowledge of building and construction, as well as knowledge of what my job role requires within my company. I am also looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and seeing where it takes me. In the future I hope to have achieve as many qualifications as possible in this area and in doing so have guaranteed a profession that I enjoy.

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