Sean Copley – Lincolnshire Housing Partnership


Role and Qualification: BTEC level 3 Construction in the Build Environment and NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations

Host: Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

What were you doing prior to starting your apprenticeship? Before starting as an apprentice, I had been working in a factory as agency staff while looking for full time employment. I had been looking for full time employment for over a year, since leaving university studies.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship? I chose an apprenticeship as a way to get into the work place and gain both experience and qualifications that I was otherwise finding difficult to obtain.

Tell us about your experiences so far in your role - What do you enjoy doing? What has been really rewarding? I enjoy that I have managed to build strong working connections with colleagues and with those working within other organisations. It feels rewarding that I have been given the opportunity to work independently in managing multiple contracts and that my boss trusts my capabilities to do so.

In your apprenticeship, do you see where your career could go?  Can you see the career path, has your employer set something out for you for when you complete your apprenticeship? I have managed to obtain a permanent position within my current team as a member of administration staff following on from my apprenticeship; this in no way relates to the work I have actually been undertaking or the qualifications I have gained. However, my working experience within the team has been a big contribution to gaining this follow-on role.

Do you feel supported by your employer? I feel that my employer has treated me as a full member of their staff and have assisted me and involved me in all manner of training and workplace activity.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?  If yes, why? I would not recommend an apprenticeship to everyone however I do feel that it is beneficial for people, such as myself, who are otherwise struggling to gain access to a professional working environment or for those who have a clear idea of the career path they wish to follow and can find a specific apprenticeship to assist with that.

“Sean’s work in the Asset Management Team and has covered many areas from carrying out stock condition Surveys, facilitating site visits for aids and adaptations and managing the day to day delivery of contracts such as aids and adaptations, passenger lift and domestic equipment repairs and servicing contracts. Sean has also provided other contract administration and surveying support which has resulted in obtaining a permanent position in the team alongside successfully completing his qualifications. Sean has also successfully completed in house training for HHSRS and RdSAP essential courses for work in asset management.”

Mark Beeley, Contracts Manager

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Written by EN:Able Futures

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