Seb Stokes – Lincolnshire Housing Partnership


Role and Qualification: Business Administration (Level 2)

Host: Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

What were you doing prior to starting your apprenticeship? Unemployed but looking for work after a leg injury that put me out of action for 18 months.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship? It seemed like the best way to get into full time work without having exceptional qualifications.

Did you receive a tool kit or a clothing allowance - what difference did that make to you? It helped me get the required clothing for my role.

Tell us about your experiences so far in your role - What do you enjoy doing? What has been really rewarding? I enjoy working with colleagues on numerous projects and working on the new system has been rewarding as I have a big input in the system.

In your apprenticeship, do you see where your career could go?  Can you see the career path, has your employer set something out for you for when you complete your apprenticeship? I have no idea where my career could go, and my employer has said that if there is a position available then I would be in with a chance.

Do you feel supported by your employer?  Do you feel like you've had enough contact and support from Efficiency North? I am supported hugely by my employer as they have offered lots of training opportunities. I have had a decent amount of contact with Efficiency North and they have helped in numerous ways.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?  If yes, why? Depending on what sort of job you would like yes, I would as it gets you a foot in the door of the career that you want.

“Since joining the Compliance Team at the end of October 2017, Seb’s skill set and confidence have developed tremendously.  It was clear from tasks that Seb completed at the start of his apprenticeship that he has a natural talent for working with data which he has put to good use populating, developing and testing a piece of bespoke asset management software which is of key importance to the organisation in terms of effectively managing compliance information.

Seb has worked hard to overcome his initial shyness by undertaking tasks that challenged him, such as delivering a PowerPoint presentation on the asset management system to his peers on more than one occasion, which has given him the self-confidence to build good working relationships across the organisation.

Seb has become an intrinsic member of the Compliance Team, and I hope that he will continue to make such a positive contribution alongside successfully completing his academic studies.”

Alison Clark-Williams, Compliance Manager​

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Written by EN:Able Futures

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