Apprenticeship Levy Transfer

Your unused Apprenticeship Levy can be shared to help build Britain's next generation of workforce

Share your levy and fund the future workforce

Did you know that large employers who pay the Government Apprenticeship Levy can share 25% of their levy funding with Government accredited Apprenticeship Training Agencies like EN:Able Futures?

Did you also know that any unspent levy money goes straight back to the Department for Education? Money that could have gone towards covering the costs of educating the next generation of Britain’s workforce.

As an SME that doesn’t pay the levy, EN:Able Futures is only able to access levy funding for a maximum of ten apprentices. For all apprentices over this we must find levy paying organisations who can share some of their levy fund with us. This is great news for large, levy paying businesses who want to support Apprenticeships in construction, housing and civil engineering, helping to build a future for the many young people who choose this career path.

You don't need to have an apprentice to support one

As a levy paying employer you don't need to have any apprentices working for you to be able to support one. The transfer of Levy funds means that as a large employer you can help support smaller supply-chain partners recruit and train apprentices of their own. Transferred funds can be received from Levy-paying employers by:

  • Employers within the supply chain
  • Employers within the same industry
  • Regional partners

Good news for everyone

Sharing your levy with us is very much appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. We will share regular news updates, photos and videos on the apprentices progress with you so you can share the good news with your stakeholders and staff. 

Partnership working

At EN:Able Futures we work in partnership with all types of organisations in the construction, housing and civil engineering sectors to find host employers for apprentices who we employ directly. This means that employers get the type of apprentice they need for their business, while we ensure the apprentice gets the support they need to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

Can you share your levy?

If you are a levy paying employer and would like to find out more about how you could help fund Apprenticeships in your area, or you are simply ready to share some of your levy with us to fund Apprenticeships, please contact Nicky Field: / 07791 877747