R.H Fullwood and Co.

EN:Able Futures have worked with R.H. Fullwood & Co. Ltd since 2014 and they have supported many apprentices across multiple trades.

Guy Fullwood, Director: "As a SME we have found the flexibility while working with EN:Able Fututres to be perfect for our organisation.  he Support given from them includes screening of candidates before they are presented to ourselves for consideration, and assisting with  getting apprentices ready for the workplace environment.

"During the apprenticeship we receive regular updates and support is provided to apprentices and ourselves  regarding their performance. We also receive advice and assistance with producing the evidence that is required for qualification purposes.

"We would absolutely not hesitate to recommend EN:Ables Futures as it also provides a such great deal of flexibility in engagement and ongoing support of apprentices."

Alan Wood & Partners

EN:Able Futures have been working in partnership with Alan Wood & Partners since 2014 when they first became aware of our Shared Apprenticeship Service advantages and abilities to fulfil their requirements for two Civil Engineering Consulting apprenticeship opportunities.

Alison Ringrose - Business Development Manager: “At Alan Wood & Partners we believe in home grown talent. Being based in Hull it can sometimes be difficult finding the right people with the right skills, so by working with EN:Able Futures we have been able to recruit some fantastic local talent. 

“EN:Able Futures do all the hard work of finding and filtering suitable candidates for us to interview. They understand our business and the type of people who can thrive in it. Our apprentices come in green and learn about all the aspects of the business on the job, so as they become qualified, they are also learning how to operate at quite a high level.”

“Three apprentices are graduating from university this year and will take on full time roles with us. We invest a lot in our apprentices’ development, and they seem to appreciate this and stay with us. It is a good working environment for them, and with the extra support provided by EN:Able Futures Shared Apprenticeship Service it is a model that really works well for us.”

In addition to a stringent recruitment process and managing employment responsibilities, EN:Able Futures experienced and qualified team provide continuous pastoral and academic support to each apprentice and Host Employer aiding achievement and progression for the apprentice within their chosen career.

United Living

Anthony Pennant, Community Development Manager, United Living: "I have always found the shared apprenticeship service provided by EN Able Futures, very professional. Their team are always on hand to provide advice to our contractors and able to recruit locally to meet demand."

Woodhead Group

Ranbir Mander, Business Development * Bid Manager: "Woodhead’s have certainly benefitted from engaging with EN:Procure through EN:Able Future, especially as our joined up working has meant we have offered multiple apprenticeship placements at our Wentworth Woodhouse and Eastglade Schemes. Recent successes have included, directly employing EN:Able Futures apprentice, Owen Nightingale as Apprentice Site Manager."