Comments from host companies and our apprentices

What our apprentices and their hosts are saying about us

R.H Fullwood and Co.

EN:Able Futures have worked with R.H. Fullwood & Co. Ltd since 2014 and they have supported many apprentices across multiple trades.

"As a SME we have found the flexibility while working with EN:Able Futures to be perfect for our organisation.  The Support given from them includes screening of candidates before they are presented to ourselves for consideration, and assisting with  getting apprentices ready for the workplace environment.

"During the apprenticeship we receive regular updates and support is provided to apprentices and ourselves  regarding their performance. We also receive advice and assistance with producing the evidence that is required for qualification purposes.

"We would absolutely not hesitate to recommend EN:Ables Futures as it also provides a such great deal of flexibility in engagement and ongoing support of apprentices."

Guy Fullwood, Director, R H Fullwood & Co.


“What I enjoy about my apprenticeship is you get the opportunity to work with multiple people, which I find builds confidence, and you also get the chance to learn from different people, so you get to learn new skills. I also enjoy that we don’t just learn joinery, we learn skills that run alongside joinery."

Bailey Stevens, Joinery Apprentice

Alan Wood & Partners

EN:Able Futures have been working in partnership with Alan Wood & Partners since 2014 when they first became aware of our Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Service advantages and abilities to fulfil their requirements for two Civil Engineering Consulting apprenticeship opportunities.

“At Alan Wood & Partners we believe in home grown talent. Being based in Hull it can sometimes be difficult finding the right people with the right skills, so by working with EN:Able Futures we have been able to recruit some fantastic local talent. 

“EN:Able Futures do all the hard work of finding and filtering suitable candidates for us to interview. They understand our business and the type of people who can thrive in it. Our apprentices come in green and learn about all the aspects of the business on the job, so as they become qualified, they are also learning how to operate at quite a high level.”

“Three apprentices are graduating from university this year and will take on full time roles with us. We invest a lot in our apprentices’ development, and they seem to appreciate this and stay with us. It is a good working environment for them, and with the extra support provided by EN:Able Futures Shared Apprenticeship Service it is a model that really works well for us.”

"In addition to a stringent recruitment process and managing employment responsibilities, EN:Able Futures experienced and qualified team provide continuous pastoral and academic support to each apprentice and Host Employer aiding achievement and progression for the apprentice within their chosen career."

Alison Ringrose - Business Development Manager, Alan Wood & Partners


“Some of the things I do can be anything from drainage design to stopping a building blowing over from the wind. Some of the projects I’ve worked on are schools and Uni's up and down the country, and I personally have designed a lot of Burger Kings, Starbucks, Costas and McDonalds.

“I definitely think I went down the right path, I love my job, there’s a new challenge every day."

Bradley Marshall, Construction and the Built Environment Apprentice.

United Living

"I have always found the shared apprenticeship service provided by EN Able Futures, very professional. Their team are always on hand to provide advice to our contractors and able to recruit locally to meet demand."

Anthony Pennant, Community Development Manager, United Living


"The apprenticeship has benefited me by allowing me the opportunity to keep studying, and once completed  United Living is allowing me to go to university and get the highest academic level possible, this is something I have always wanted to do. The apprenticeship has allowed me to work on a larger site and develop my skills, I had only previously worked on smaller projects.

Billy Marshall, Construction Management Apprentice, United Living

Woodhead Group

"Woodhead’s have certainly benefitted from engaging with EN:Procure through EN:Able Future, especially as our joined up working has meant we have offered multiple apprenticeship placements at our Wentworth Woodhouse and Eastglade Schemes. Recent successes have included, directly employing EN:Able Futures apprentice, Owen Nightingale as Apprentice Site Manager."

Ranbir Mander, Business Development & Bid Manager, Woodhead Group


‘’Since Paula joined the team I have found her very professional around the work place. When given tasks to do by myself she has more than excelled in the completion of these. I found her very efficient when undertaking the tribune checks, hardworking and a good asset to the team.  She is not afraid to get stuck in within all fields of compliance and doesn’t shy away from asking for work to do. Paula has proven herself to be a competent, enthusiastic member of the team has demonstrated a willingness to take on new roles and responsibilities.’’

Caitlin Stubbs, Apprentice Line Manager, WDH.


“Katie has been a great asset for the team, and it has been wonderful to see her grow into the professional we see today. I think apprenticeships are great for investing in young people and nurturing professionals of the future.”

Paul Clarke, Categories Manager,WDH.

BAM Construct Ltd

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Kyle as part of the BAM team at Globe Point. We always strive to employ our apprentices locally and when you get people like Kyle who are eager to learn and put in 100% everyday, it’s a winning formula. We’re sure Kyle is destined for great things as he develops with us throughout his apprenticeship, and we look forward to seeing the day he’s running his own site.”

Spokeperson for BAM Construct Ltd


"My apprenticeship with EN:Able Futures means I can progress academically and professionally, and it is helping me improve personally too. I am gaining in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and getting experience in site management that will help me to be successful in my career choice.’’

Kyle Starkey, Site Management Apprentice


"I would just like to say that’s its great to be in a position to take Kyle on as a permanent apprenticeship, and it's testament to what you do at EN:Able Futures for these young people."

Martin Sibley, Construction Manager

M.B. Roche & Sons

“We were really impressed with Conner during his two-week work experience working on the Hub site, so much so that we employed him as an apprentice.”

“Normally the biggest challenge we face from clients is primarily them seeking the cheapest cost at the expense of social value, but we believe this is a short-term view for the sector. Our emphasis on social value is important to us, as it has demonstrated that we are able to win work from like-minded clients like EN:Able Futures who want to work with companies that are actively up-skilling the next generation and future workforce.”

Daniel Roche, Director of M.B. Roche & Sons


Efficiency North member Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) is supporting apprenticeships in the housing sector by committing to recruit circa 28 new apprenticeship positions based in Grimsby and Boston over the next three years (July 2021).

"LHP have always supported apprenticeships, however this is the largest apprenticeship drive LHP has ever had. We are creating around 28 trade apprenticeships over the next three years and we are very happy to have EN:Able Futures on board to recruit and support the new apprentices who will go on to become our next fully qualified Electricians, Plumbers and Maintenance Technicians.”

Helen​ Rumbold, Talent Acquisition Manager, LHP


“To see Gareth come from being an apprentice, then a university student and now a chartership has been a great thing for us as a business. When Gareth joined us back in 2013 it was a dip of the toe in the water for RLB. At the time we hadn’t had apprentices for quite a while, probably since I had done mine. So the option of taking on apprentices through EN:Able Futures gave us the a bit of security we needed as a business to trial it.

“After the two years working with EN:Able Futures we’d got to know Gareth well, he’d done great work with us and it was then no risk for us to take on Gareth on as a full-time RLB employee and support him through his degree apprenticeship.”

Matt Summerhill, Managing Partner for Yorkshire & Humber at RLB


"My journey from Apprentice to Chartered Quantity Surveyor has been a long but rewarding process in which RLB have supported me throughout. I have gained some invaluable experience which has enabled me to develop on a technical level and a personal level.

“I think apprenticeships are a very good way to start a career because you get to study and do the on-the-job learning. It’s the best of both worlds. I found that at university the stuff they were teaching the full-time students I had already done at work, so I was ahead of them in many ways and found it quite a lot easier.

"I’m going to continue working with the RLB and progress as far as I can. I have worked on a variety of projects in many different sectors which has given me some great experience to utilise in the future. The mix of working whilst learning has definitely been a benefit and I would recommend the apprenticeship route to any future professionals.”

Gareth Coddington, former EN:Able Futures Apprentice

Esh Construction

"It is vitally important to both the industry and the growth of Esh that we continue to invest in apperentices and trainees, enabling them to pursue long-term careers in the construction industry.

"Working alongside Efficiency North and EN:Able Futures allows us to provide a well rounded training experience while ensuring the recruits receive pastoral and educational support, should they need it. We are working collaboratively towards the same end goal - there is a clear skills shortage in the industry and Flexi-Job Apprenticship Agencies will help bridge the  gap by training and developing talentaed individuals for the future.

"Employing apprentices via EN:Able Futures ensures the individuals remain employed for the duration of their apprenticeship, making it easier for businesses to take on an apprentice and reducing the risk of displacement."

Darush Dodds, Director of Corporate Affairs, Esh Construction.


"I have learnt how to do floor joists, floorboards, door frames and fixing roof trusses down – all of which use new tools than what I have used at college. I have really enjoyed learning on the job and I find it really useful when it comes to college paperwork as I have a better understanding of carpentry from practical work on site.

"It is better than I imagined it would be, every day is different and the site team are supportive. That’s my favourite part of having an apprenticeship that you gain so much from being on site, you gain much more knowledge than just being in the classroom.”

Corran McCone, Apprentice Joiner


"From school I’d never really had an insight into the construction industry, I didn’t get a real understanding of the different types of jobs in construction or showed the potential of a career in the industry. The focus was more about what I would study at college. However, my friends who secured apprenticeships seemed to be progressing quicker and gaining more life skills, as well as earning a wage whilst doing something they enjoyed. Working whilst learning is a great opportunity for a young person because it means you can apply in the workplace everything you learn at college – I decided this would be a better route for me.

"My Apprenticeship Manager at EN:Able Futures helped me a lot at the begining to find the type of apprenticeship I wanted to do, and has always  been there for me when I've needed advice.

"Since joining Esh I've gained so much confidence, experience and knowledge doing this apprenticeship and working in an adult environment, stuff  you can't learn in a classroom. I've also learnt a lot about professional values in terms of things like respect and punctuality that will stay with me throughout my career."

Dan Vokes, Apprentice Site Manager, Esh Construction


Together Housing

“I decided to go down the apprenticeship route because you are learning as well as working for your own money. What attracted me to this particular apprenticeship is that my grandad and dad have always being in the building game and I wanted to carry this on throughout the family.   

“There are so many women who work in construction who do an amazing job. I’ve met so many women in Together Housing who are very hands on with construction and I think it’s such an astounding thing to see. No job is just a man’s job.

“One of the things I have enjoyed the most is going out on site. I found it so interesting seeing the start of projects moving onto completion. Seeing the full process from a kitchen being ripped out and everything just destroyed, to a brand new kitchen being installed is such a good opportunity. 

“Before I started the apprenticeship, I had little experience of talking to strangers so the thought of meeting tenants was quite scary but I have grown in confidence so much and now I really enjoy meeting new people. I also found juggling my college work with the day to day work at Together Housing challenging at first but it has taught me to be more organised. I’ve also learnt to speak up and ask questions as that is the best way to learn. 

“If anyone is thinking about signing up for a property service apprentice I’d say go for it. It’s such a brilliant thing to do. There are so many different roles in construction and being an apprentice in Together Housing has shown me all the different aspects to construction and housing associations, which has helped me shape what kind of person I want to be.” 

Danya Ross, Property Services Apprentice, Together Housing

Cartwright Pickard

“When I started my apprenticeship, I’m grateful that Cartwright Pickard didn’t hesitate to drop me in at the deep end, always encouraging me to develop and expand my skillset.

When I was leaving sixth-form I didn't really know where I wanted to be, I like design but that was pretty much where it ended, and so the idea of going into a uni course where i didn't really know where I wanted to be at the end of it or if I even liked the subject I was going into kind of concerned me. I didi a bit of research into the sort of apprenticships that were available and I came across this apprenticeship with EN:Able Futures.

Doing this apprenticeship has put me in a position where I know for sure I really enjoy my work in the industry and I want to get into architecture. It's the complete oposite of when I left sith form, I know now where I want to be."

Andy, Architecture Apprentice, Cartwright Pickard

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

"My apprenticeship has really helped me boost my confidence, I was really, really shy when I first started, but now I'm not nervous at all, I'm not scarred to talk to contractors or work with new teams. It's really benefited my confidence, and I feel alot better about putting myself forward for things and being confident in my own ability."

Amelia Johnson-Lynch,Construction Maintenance Management Apprentice, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing.

Leeds College of Building

"Dear Nathan

This letter is to thank you for the painting and decoration work you have done at Leeds College of Building.

Not only have you gained valuable experience and produced evidence towards the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for your Level 2 Apprenticship Standard, but you have assisted the college by redecoration the Head of Student Experiences Office.

The way you conducded yourself whilst the work was being done, the high levels of communication and the quality of work you have left has all been excellent.

I would like ot wish you the best of luck for the rest of your studies at the college and I hope you achieve the Level 2 Apprenticship Standard and go on to have a very successful career as a painter and decorator."

Steve Connell, Assistant Faculty Director, Faculty of Construction Crafts, Leeds College of Building.

Howard Civil Engineering

"James is very hard working  and a clever young man,  there is no doubt he has a great future in groundworks, he is always eager to learn, willing to get his hands dirty, and is happy to do anything that helps the job along. Howards Civils couldn't be more happy with him than they are.  Next steps for development is for him to get his ‘tickets’ for dumper trucks and roller, which will again massively improve the work load and allow James to progress."

Comment by James French's supervisor at Howard Civil Engineering. James is working on a United Living development in Harrogate as an Apprentice Groundworker.

Prudhoe Community High School

Thank you for giving up your valuable time on Thursday 28th April to support our school’s Careers and Apprenticeship Evening. We are really grateful to you for attending and enabling our young people to have the opportunity of talking to so many different organisations regarding their future careers.

The feedback that we have received from our students and their parents has been excellent and they have really valued the advice and information that they have been given.

John-Paul Nesbitt - Assistant Headteacher


In a nutshell, Callum has fit in well and to be honest, I think he is the best apprentice we have had to pleasure of being host to.

Simon Bateman, Construction Director, Termrim


Berneslai Homes

Who you gonna to call? Ghostbusters!… Well no actually, we called EN:Able Futures, who quickly pulled together a plan to help us rescue a number of apprentices who had lost their employer. We were more than happy to help out, as it’s the right thing to do to support people with their development and employment. It also demonstrates one of our values ‘Can Do’. Besides this, it helps fulfill our corporate objectives to increase the number of apprentices in our organisation so they represent 10% of the workforce by 2030.

Lee Winterbottom - Managing Director, Construction Services, Berneslai Homes


“We have over the years developed a long-standing relationship with Efficiency North and we have watched EN:Able Futures grow successfully in the North East.

“We know and trust the company, so it was the natural fit for us when looking for apprentices. We are very impressed by Heidi and Charlotte and their commitment to learning at Prosper Procurement. Social value lies at the heart of our organisation and upon successful completion of their training we will offer them permanent positions.

“By working with the team at EN:Able Futures, we are provided with an excellent recruitment and holistic mentoring experience, as well as, in the work place and academic support for our apprentices throughout the duration of their apprenticeship.”

Rod Brassington, chief executive officer at Prosper Procurement