Construction Skills 4 Life provides first step to career in construction

Hear from two learners about their experience doing our Construction Skills 4 Life course.

Construction Skills 4 Life (CS4L), funded by CITB programme Pathways into Construction, provides learners with the key training they need to be able to work on live construction projects, including a CSCS card.

However, EN:Able Futures recognises that more is needed to get people ready to start a career in construction and the built environment, which is why each CS4L learner also gets personal mentoring support to address any barriers to work, a tour of a real live construction project, a two week work placement and a guaranteed job interview at the end of the course. 

Learners also benefit from the close network of industry partners and training providers that EN:Able Futures has, such as CEG, I Consult Yorkshire and the Forging Futures Campus.

Connor and Tara were in the first cohort of Construction Skills 4 Life learners, they talk about their experience in these videos below:


To find out more about Construction Skills 4 Life contact the Construction Skills 4 Life Project Coordinator/Mentor Julia Boaler: 

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