EN:Able Communities awarded free ERSA membership

Efficiency North charity arm EN:Able Communities CIO now is now a member of ERSA (Employment Related Services Association)



ERSA (Employment Related Services Association), supported by the Youth Futures Foundation, sought bids from small organisations with budgets less than £0.25m seeking innovative ways to support young people into employment, especially BAME young people. EN:Able Communities CIO is very pleased to be successful in their bid. The award provides membership of ERSA for one year.

EN:Able Communities seeks to support BAME young people through:
Greater involvement of BAME Housing Associations at the EN:Connect Employment and Skills in Communities Forum, a peer forum for social landlords on how to support their residents into work, facilitated by EN:Able Communities.

Enable ‘general needs’ Housing Association focus on how to support BAME young residents
Develop a bid to focus on BAME young people with a social housing landlord in Yorkshire & Humber
Work with community led housing organisation in the region to support more BAME young people
Share ERSA resources with social housing landlords .

 EN:Able Communities CIO Head of Operations Simeon Perry, said:

“It is a great honour to be awarded this bursary.  It will build on the work that we have done so far.  Supporting BAME young people is a key priority in our business plan for post covid #buildbackbetter.”

The Author

Written by Lorna Hadley