EN:Able Futures Apprenticeship Manager Hannah Norton joins NHS '100 club'

Our NHS give EN:Able Futures Apprenticeship Manager Hannah Norton a huge thank you for dedicating over 1800 hours as a NHS Volunteer Responder

Hannah Norton, EN:Able Futures' Apprenticeship Manager has been recognised by our NHS for completing over 100 tasks or shifts for NHS Volunteers Responders. 

Hannah says she is 'proud' to be in the '100 Club' for volunteers who have completed over 100 tasks as a NHS Volunteer Responder. She received a lovely letter through the post this week commemorating her for all her efforts and selflessness that has seen her complete over 100 volunteer tasks. 

Since being recruited in March 2020, Hannah has actually completed over 1,800 hours on duty. These hours have been made up of Patient Transport Tasks (taking patients to and from appointments), community plus tasks (collecting prescriptions and doing food shops on behalf of patients) and check-in and chat tasks (phone calling to chat with patients stuck at home alone across the UK) and vaccination steward shifts.

She says there have been some very memorable experiences, such as getting to know people from all over the country and learning about the lives of people she's never met before.

Hannah tells us:

'I also really enjoyed my in-person work with more local patients which has made me feel much more in-touch with my local community in Rotherham but also in Barnsley and Doncaster.

It's been a crazy few years, but I truly am privileged to have been able to make a difference in this way for so many people across South Yorkshire. It's an incredible programme.'

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Written by Efficiency North