ENC Donate £2000 after S4All Step Up to Tackle Floods

After the recent floods in South Yorkshire, S4All stepped up to provide the neighbouring community of Fishlake with donations, volunteers and support. In order to help them keep their vital services running during this difficult time, ENC have donated £2000 to the charity.

EN:Able Communities, supported by Efficiency North, are donating £2000 to charity S4All, based in Stainforth, Doncaster,  to help them keep their vital community services, such as their job club, running after the recent floods in South Yorkshire saw them suspend their normal operations in order to help surrounding communities during this difficult time.

S4All, who are currently Efficiency North’s charity of the year in recognition of their fantastic social mobility work, have been instrumental in coordinating flood relief efforts locally after the recent flooding across South Yorkshire left roughly 500 homes flooded in Doncaster.

One of the worst hit communities in the area is the village of Fishlake, which has seen hundreds of people flee their homes after the area was submerged underwater. Based in the neighbouring village of Stainforth, S4All normally provides services for the local community including a library, charity shop, job club, internet café and micro grants. However, when the floods began, they stepped-up to help their neighbours in any way they could: opening their Community Library space in Stainforth to use for the relief effort and coordinating volunteers and donations.

Since then S4All have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the local community who have been selflessly donating their time and money to help the residents of Fishlake. From travelling through flood waters to assist trapped residents, to donating furniture to help rebuild homes, the community has come out in force to help. By using their unique position as a community and training hub, S4All have been able to provide the support needed to assist and develop volunteers’ skills and coordinate their efforts effectively.

Homes in Fishlake are now free from water, but the work is far from over; it will take a long time for the community to get back on their feet and lives to go back to normal. Because of this, S4All are still fundraising to supply those affected with everything they might need, such as food, clothes and cleaning supplies.

If you are interested in donating to their efforts, you can find their fundraising page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/flood-relief-for-fishlake-doncaster

Flood relief efforts have taken-up most of the charity’s resources since the floods, but they are now starting to get their regular services running again alongside the amazing work they are doing for the communities and people affected by floods.

S4All’s is open all-year-round, providing Stainforth and its surrounding communities with support that aims to help people in need, regenerate the area, and bring people together. They provide a vital hub for support, training, and employment.

If you want to get involved with S4All, or find out more information about what they do, you can take a look at their website here: https://www.s4all.org.uk/


"I would like to say a massive thankyou to EN:Able Communities for their generous donation to our charity for our Doncaster Floods relief work.

S4ALL will continue to support our neighbours in the flood recovery phase, however we are a grass roots charity and we must also go back to our core work of supporting the most deprived communities in Doncaster.

Key to our future is our headline project to build a new £1million Community HUB to regenerate the surrounding areas.  Due to deadlines, our work on this has been put in danger by our flood relief efforts and we are now looking for builders, entrepreneurs, or businesses who are willing to donate their time, money or professional expertise, to help us complete this much needed new building."

Phill Bedford, CEO of S4All



“We are honoured to have been able to support S4All over the last four years as they have gone from strength to strength. As EN’s Charity of the Year, we pleased that we could provide them with some funding while they restore their training and support services back to full capacity after suspending them to focus on providing crucial flood relief work.”

Simeon Perry, EN:Able Communities Head of Operations


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Written by Natalie Irving

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