Five Groundworker Apprentice opportunities available with Moortown Construction

Start your career with an apprenticeship

EN:Able Futures are seeking five new apprentices to join host company Moortown Construction as Apprentice Groundworkers where you will learn the skills and knowledge required to succeed within the industry.

Based out of Bradford, Moortown Construction specialise in Civil Engineering, Construction and Housing. Since it was established in 1998, the Moortown Group has been committed to delivering projects of quality and value, placing professional integrity at the heart of everything they do to guarantee the same first-class service on every project, regardless of size.

As an Apprentice Groundworker you will learn skills and knowledge in:

• Site excavation in preparation for groundwork tasks
• Setting and marking out
• Installation of internal and external drainage systems
• Preparing, pouring and laying concrete
• Laying kerbs and flagstones
• Installation of manholes
• Handling and moving loads manually and with mechanical aids
• Wearing appropriate clothing and PPE specific to tasks
• Healthy and SafetyEach apprentice

For each successful candidate this promises to be an excellent introduction to the sector that will lead to prosperous career in the construction industry.

Click here for more information about each vacancy and to apply.

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Written by EN:Able Futures