Four new apprentices join EN:Able Futures in June

New apprentices hosted by Keith Walton Brickworks Ltd, Alan Wood and Partners and Esh Construction

Meet Jack Walsh, Ben Lawton, Dan Voke and Matthew Byford Loggie our four newest apprentices to join EN:Able Futures.

Jack has joined as an apprentice bricklayer and is being hosted by Keith Walton Brickworks Ltd where he is helping to build a high rise apartment block as part of the Soyo neighbourhood project in Leeds. He has almost completed his first year of his L2 bricklaying course with Leeds College of Building, but wanted a more secure job to complete his qualification and so applied to our advertised vacancy.

Ben Lawton is joining EN:Able Futures as a Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering Apprentice Technician and will be hosted by host Alan Wood and Partners. This is a really unique and exciting opportunity to kickstart his career journey within the civil engineering industry.

Also joining hosts Alan Wood & Partners is Matthew Byford Loggie. Matthew opted for an apprenticeship route in structural engineering as he wanted real hands experience of the job. His apprenticeship was made possible thanks to Hudson Contracts who donated some of their excess apprenticeship levy to EN:Able Futures.

Dan Voke starts his Level 4 Site Supervision Apprenticeship and will be hosted by Esh Construction helping to supervise the build of 105 new family homes for Efficiency North member Together Housing Group at the Beech Hill Site in Halifax  Dan has a history of working within the trade side of the industry and wishes to progress into the professional/managerial side. Dan is 20 years old and is very excited to be able to take the next step with his career that he’s wanted for some time.

Pictured below left to right: Jack Walsh, Ben Lawton, Dan Voke and Matthew Byford Loggie.

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