Hudson Contract share apprenticeship levy with EN:Able Futures

Levy paying firms can transfer up to 25% of their apprenticeship levy to support apprenticeships.

Hudson Contract have shared some of their unused apprenticeship levy funds with EN:Able Futures to enable two of our civil engineer apprentices to start their apprenticeships.

As a company that is trusted by over 2,500 UK construction companies to deal with their payroll, Hudson Contract understand how important apprenticeships are to the sector.

Large employers paid £2.9 billion in the Apprentice Levy between March 2020 and February 2021. Over the same period, £1.3 billion of unspent funds ‘expired’ and were returned to the central government pot.

Each year up to 25% of Apprenticeship Levy can be donated to other firms. However, an FOI request submitted by Hudson Contract revealed that since the levy transfer limit was increased to 25% in April 2019, only 3.2% of registered accounts on the Apprenticeship Service had used some or all of their transfer pot.

That is a staggeringly small amount, and a crying shame that so much money has been wasted that could go toward training the next generation of construction workforce.

The ESFA has published a video which explains how the apprenticeship levy transfer works. Once you have done it for the first time it is easy to administer and EN:Able Futures are here to offer you support..

If you are a levy paying business with funds available to transfer, we would love to hear from you. We are all working in this industry together and by coming together to share resources like the apprenticeship levy, we can ensure that the future of construction is a bright one.

For any enquiries about sharing the apprenticeship levy please contact Nicky Field, Operations manager:

07791 877 747


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Written by EN:Able Futures

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