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First Efficiency North Staff Planning Day for the whole family of companies.

What started out as a grey and cold January day, ended with warmth and enlightenment for our team. Last week we enjoyed our very first Efficiency North Team planning day, since the family of companies united in July 2017.

We all came together to build our vision for 2020, to discuss, to reflect and to meet one another (some for the first time). Our ‘values’ featured strongly throughout the day with good reason.  The move for Futureworks (Yorkshire) to the Efficiency North ‘family’, and our transition to EN:Able Futures was never taken lightly. Throughout discussions leading up to the move, both parties remained true to their values and recognised the ‘core values’ of each organisation were fundamentally the same.

Efficiency North is built upon 7 core values that we all share.

  • We care. That’s why our team dedicate so much time to our apprentices, and work hard to help them achieve their aspirations, We also care through helping your businesses to meet your skills needs.

  • We aim high. Our apprentices aim high too! We want everyone to achieve their aspirations, and no matter how high, we strive to achieve and get there.

  • We enjoy. We love our work and our passion is so obvious and transfers to those we work with.

  • We are aware. We know what is affecting your businesses and we are here to help, and can bring others together to help us all meet our objectives.

  • We give. Our work goes back into the communities we work to make a positive difference to all.

  • We save. We save your business time in recruiting by looking after your apprentice recruitment needs.

  • And importantly… we make it happen together. Without you all we wouldn’t be where we are today.

These values guided our decisions, these values guided our behaviours and supported us in agreeing key business objectives moving forward. These values shape the culture and behaviours of our organisation and provide a clear framework to operate within, assisting with decision making, business operations and transactions.

What was clear on the very grey and cold January day, was within the room of a 20-strong team, was the synergy, the common belief of these values and being true to our core we agreed our priorities and 2020 visioning ‘and made it happen together’.

A powerful team of people with an excellent and diverse range of skills and experience, ready to live the Efficiency North ‘values’ throughout their work areas. For the EN:Able Futures team, this is music to our ears. We are ready for 2018 and beyond, ready to build our offer, build our reach and importantly remain true to the very reason we started in 2013, because ‘we care’.

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