M.B.Roche & Sons win Constructing Excellence Award for People Development

People Development at the heart of Humber Construction Hub

Civil Engineering firm M.B.Roche & Sons Ltd who lay the groundworks for the Humber Construction Hub wins Constructing Excellence Yorkshire and Humber award for People Development.

M.B Roche & Sons were chosen for the project based on their focus on training and employing local people, helping reduce the skills gap in construction, which are the aims of the Humber Construction Hub itself.

Since opening in October 2019 the Hub has found employment for 316 people, even while the site was under construction, one leaner became a full-time apprentice for M.B Roche.

Daniel Roche, Director of M.B. Roche & Sons“We were really impressed with Conner during his two-week work experience working on the Hub site, so much so that we employed him as an apprentice.”

“Normally the biggest challenge we face from clients is primarily them seeking the cheapest cost at the expense of social value, but we believe this is a short-term view for the sector. Our emphasis on social value is important to us, as it has demonstrated that we are able to win work from like-minded clients like EN:Able Futures who want to work with companies that are actively up-skilling the next generation and future workforce.”

EN:Able Futures was a finalist in the Best Civils Project of the Year 2020 category for Humber Construction Hub.

Julie Deeley, Director of Operations of EN:Able Futures “Despite EN:Able Futures not winning at this year’s Construction Excellence awards, it has highlighted how important it is to embed social value practices into projects like these from the very start, I congratulate M.B.Roche & Sons on their win, and thank them for inspiring others in the industry to consider what role their business has to play in supporting young talent into the sector."

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Written by EN:Able Futures