New merchants framework consultation

CHIC and EN consult members and suppliers to shape best solution new framework for members’ materials needs.

In collaboration with CHIC (Communities & Housing Investment Consortium), the EN:Procure team were delighted to host two roundtable consultation events in Rotherham and Milton Keynes on 11 and 13 June for members and suppliers.  The half day events aimed to ensure the upcoming renewal of the merchants framework aligns with members’ needs and market demands.

Together participants delved into the challenges and constraints of the existing framework, the procurement process options in line with the new Procurement Act to form a basis for developing the new framework.

Emma Mottram, EN:Procure Director of Operations said: “EN is a collaborative consortium founded on sharing best practice and our core value ‘We make it happen together’.  We welcomed this opportunity to join our fellow collaborative consortium CHIC to understand the views of EN’s members and suppliers, resulting in lots of useful discussions and food for thought to help us shape the best fit materials framework.”


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Written by Efficiency North