Research shows £2bn in unspent apprenticeship levy funds lost in two years.

Don’t lose out, transfer your apprenticeship levy to EN:Able Futures and we will do the rest!

A series of freedom of information requests made by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shows that between May 2019 and March 2021 employers have needlessly missed out on almost 2 billion of pounds’ worth of apprenticeship levy because they had not spent the money themselves on apprenticeships.

Despite the Queens speech on Tuesday 11 May in which she set out plans to reform the student loan system and enable employers to have a statutory role in planning publicly funded training, little change was proposed to how the apprenticeship levy would work in the future.

Apprenticeship levy funds that expire due to not being used within two years are returned to the Treasury, instead of being put to good use supporting apprenticeships.

However, for employers who are not using their apprenticeship levy, there is positive action they can take today to avoid missing out. By donating up to 25% of their apprenticeship levy funds to EN:Able Futures, employers can directly support apprenticeships in their respective industries and regions.

EN:Able Futures Shared Apprenticeship Service employs both trade and technical apprentices in the construction, housing and civil engineering sectors, providing support to the apprentices and the companies hosting them. This ensures that most of our apprentices succeed in their chosen careers, with 98% who complete their training going straight into full-time employment or higher education.

So by sharing unspent apprenticeship levy funds with EN:Able Futures, employers are directly helping to build the skilled workforce that will ensure our industry continues to grow.

If you are a levy paying employer and would like to find out more about how you could help fund apprenticeships in your area, please contact Nicky Field, EN:Able Futures Operations Manager:

07791 877 747


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