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Introducing EN:Procure’s new suite of Gold Standard frameworks

In the last couple of years, the housing and construction sector has faced many new challenges, which require new solutions.  In response, in line with Efficiency North’s organisational values, the team found out what’s new - We’re aware - and how to achieve the very best results for our members - We aim high - in this fast-changing, crisis-hit environment.

Introducing Gen4

In 2023 EN:Procure is introducing a new generation of Frameworks – Gen4 - designed to support members’ current requirements and also ready to meet future challenges.

Government Gold Standard

During design stage the team have utilised the recommendations from the government’s Gold Standard report and adapted these to suit the relative risks and market maturity desired by our members.

Greater transparency

The Gen4 frameworks will provide higher transparency.  In line with Efficiency North’s ESG strategy, the inclusion of an audit clause will provide more opportunities to monitor suppliers and contractors and their supply chain and provide a mechanism to react quickly to any issues arising, especially in regard to the Modern Slavery Act, Equality Act, Subcontractors’ payment or Health and Safety requirements.

New framework contract
Gen4 focuses on the power of collaboration, which is strengthened by use of the new framework agreement, FAC-1 (Framework Alliance Contract). The Framework Alliance agreement includes a detailed risk analysis and problem-solving process during the contracting period, which will help to create a closer relationship between suppliers, contractors and members in order to address the current challenges including but not limited to inflation, market capacity and supply chain stability.

Decarbonisation targets

One of the main challenges for the social housing sector is to achieve decarbonisation targets and improve sustainability. The Gen4 frameworks will include specific quality questions related to net zero and ethical supply chain.  EN:Procure have also established a range of KPIs to measure the performance of suppliers and contractors annually e.g. water consumption, use of electrical vehicles etc.  Areas of performance monitored will vary for each framework, depending on whether relevant and applicable.

New Social Value model

The Gen4 frameworks will operate a new Social Value model.  This will offer a wider range of support for contractors and suppliers to choose from to provide for Efficiency North’s membership and the communities they serve.

The new model will not focus wholly on Social Value, although shared and direct apprenticeships will remain, but the whole ESG strategy – environment, social and governance.

The frameworks aim to provide training opportunities for our supply chain, including retrofit training on different levels.

SME friendly

The Gen4 Frameworks will remain SME friendly and include a self-declaration question and use of the e-tendering system Proactis to make sure all tender opportunities are available easily for everybody and provide the highest level of transparency.

Tender timeline

New Build Framework
ITT issue spring 2023

Installers Framework
ITT issue spring 2023

Materials Framework and Merchants Framework
Late summer 2023

More about our current suite of flexible procurement solutions HERE


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