What is it like being an Apprentice Bricklayer?

Two Apprentice Bricklayers talk about their experience working on Home Group and United Living development site with host company Buildroute Limited.

Two EN:Able Futures Apprentice Bricklayers share their experiences of doing their apprenticeships with host company Buildroute Limited.

Both apprentices are learning their trade building homes for Persona Homes part of Home Group on a site managed by United Living and on land developed by EN:Able Build, operating as part of Efficiency North to facilitate the building of projects that might otherwise have been delayed or not developed at all.

Having spent two weeks in college, Dave Cartwright the Buildroute Site Manager, took the apprentices away from their squads and set them the task of building the first wall of a house with window to see what they had learned.

Watch the video below to hear from the apprentices themselves.

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Written by EN:Able Futures