Whatever your exam results are, apprenticeships offer an excellent future

As GCSE results are announced, now is the time many young people consider what their next move should be

For the many young people who are receiving their GCSE results, today marks a monentous occasion in their lives.

It is usually only a small minority of school leavers who have a clear vision of what their future career should look like, for the majority it is a vague idea that will develop over time as they begin to experience new things outside of school education.

As seasoned professionals working in the construction industry we understand that GSCE results on their own do not make or break someone's future prospects (although it may feel like it at the time!). There are multiple paths that get people to the same destination, and one that is often overlooked is apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships offer a direct route into work that provides real work experience alongside a recognised qualification that is highly valued by employers.

The reason employers value those doing apprenticeships are because they know they will have less to teach them as new employees. Someone who does an apprenticeship already has the technical skills and experience of how a business runs that would usually take a university graduate several years to absorb.

As an employer of apprentices we see every day the sense of satisfaction our apprentices get from doing their apprenticeships. As an apprentice they are treated as valued members of the teams they work in, are given responsibilities and learn their skills from professionals who have worked in the field for many years, sharing knowledge that only comes from direct experience.

Our Development Coaches work with each apprentice to make sure they are getting out what that want from their apprenticeships, supporting them with any problems and generally acting as a guide for their future career.

Leaving school can be daunting, but with an apprenticeship it doesn't have to be. As our apprentices start getting work expericence from day one, we see their confidence grow very quickly. Even our own Chief Executive started as an apprentice, as did many leaders within the housing, construction and civil engineering industry.

If you are interested in doing an apprenticeship, send us an email, or view our current vacancies here.

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Written by EN:Able Futures