DPS For Energy Efficiency Retrofit Installation Contractors

DPS For Energy Efficiency Retrofit Installation Contractors

Framework Ref:

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Contractors

Start Date:

May 2021

End Date:

May 2026

OJEU Contract Notice:

2021/S 000-007339

OJEU Award Notice:

Not applicable

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is similar to a Framework Agreement, except new Contractors can join at any time through an OJEU compliant route.

A DPS is utilised via a 2-stage approach.  A brief summary of each stage is detailed below:

Contractors can join a DPS framework arrangement at any point though its lifetime.

The application process tends to be simpler and less costly to prepare. Therefore, DPSs tend to be more attractive to SMEs to apply for.

This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is for energy efficiency retrofit installation works predominantly to social housing and private domestic properties but may extend to other property types that are owned or managed by members/licensees.


Lot 1: Cavity wall insulation including that installed in party walls (B1)

Lot 2: Draught proofing (B2)

Lot 3: Energy efficient glazing and doors including replacement insulating glass units (IGU) (B3)

Lot 4: External wall insulation (B4)

Lot 5: Flat roof insulation (B5)

Lot 6: Floor Insulation (B6)

Lot 7: Hybrid wall insulation (B7)

Lot 8: Internal wall insulation (B8)

Lot 9: Loft insulation (B9)

Lot 10: Pitched roof insulation (B10)

Lot 11: Room-in-roof insulation (B12)

Lot 12: Multiple Insulation Measures and/or Draughtproofing (2 or more B1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,9,10 and/or 12)

Lot 13: Condensing boilers, natural gas-fired and liquefied petroleum gas-fired and flue-gas heat recovery devices (C1 & C3)

Lot 14: Heating, hot water system, air conditioning or ventilation controls and components (CHP etc) (C5)

Lot 15: Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (C7)

Lot 16: Warm-air heating systems (C9)

Lot 17: Electric storage heaters (including electric warm air heating units that incorporate heat storage) (D1)

Lot 18: Lighting fittings, lighting systems and lighting system controls (D2)

Lot 19: Solar PV

Lot 20: Solar Thermal

Lot 21: Air Source Heat Pump

Lot 22: Ground Source Heat Pump

Lot 23: Smart Heating Controls/Monitoring

Lot 24: Integrated Systems (Solar PV, battery storage and heat pump)

Lot 25: Whole House Retrofit Solutions (combinations of any measures from above)

Each lot will be subdivided into A, B & C where each lot predominantly covers the following geographical areas within England:

A - Yorkshire and Humber

B - East Midlands

C - North West regions

PLEASE NOTE: Contractors can apply to join any of the Lots at any time throughout the term of the DPS.  Further details for contractors wishing to apply are available HERE or please see  https://procontract.due-north.com/Register

Framework Contact

Carl Bairstow


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