Fire Detection, Compartmentation, Risk Assessment and Sprinklers

Sprinklers, compartmentation, alarms, risk assessments.

Fire Detection, Compartmentation, Risk Assessment and Sprinklers

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Start Date:

February 2018

End Date:

February 2022

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Fire Framework Lots and Contractors


The framework is specifically designed to ensure the properties our members manage are safe and compliant, providing a one stop procurement framework that guarantees substantial cost savings by using collaborative purchasing strategies. Landlords also benefit from benchmarking across a range of suppliers and contractors to ensure true best value is preserved.

The specification for this framework was developed in association with Greater Manchester Fire Safety Technical Group, a sub group to the Greater Manchester High Rise Taskforce.

The Framework is backed by an extensive database of capability and price information to assist contractor selection, mini competition process and the efficient award of contracts.

The framework lots cover the following work/services:

  • Lot 1: Fire Risk Assessments. 
  • Lot 2: Fire Precaution Works.
  • Lot 3: Sprinkler Systems – design, supply, installation, ongoing maintenance and servicing.
  • Lot 4: Detection and Alarm Systems – design, supply, installation, ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Each lot is then broken down further into the geographical areas of:

  • North of England
  • Midlands
  • Wales
  • South of England

The framework agreement provides for these works to be completed predominantly in social housing properties, as well as in relation to other public buildings such as schools and offices.

To provide additional assurances all Contractors on Lots 1, 3 and 4 hold independently verified accreditations. There are no mandatory accreditations for Lot 2 but landlords have the ability to use independent accreditation (ie FIRAS) as a capability measure when selecting a Contractor.

Call Off Mechanism

There are 2 call off routes under the Framework, these are:

Direct Selection:

This is a simple mechanism that allows you to select the Contractors on the relevant lot without having to undertake a separate tender based on the framework rates to determine the most economically advantageous offer for your requirements, subject to capability/capacity assessment. This method is most suitable for works that are similar to that described in the overall framework at tender.

Mini Competition:

Where all Eligible contractors capable of carrying out the work from the relevant lot are invited to tender. The ITT will set out the criteria to be used to determine the most economically advantageous tender detailing the questions, scoring mechanism, weighting and timescale. Once the Contractors have priced the works and submitted the required answers to the quality question, EN can analyse the submissions and produce an award recommendation report for the Client to review/accept.

Apprentice Requirements

Framework contractors are required to offer a minimum of 2 full time training opportunities per £1m project value spent through the framework.

For more information, please click here to download the Fire Risk Frameworks Guidance.

Framework Contact

Carl Bairstow