Installation Servicing Repairs & Maintenance

4th generation framework for planned and responsive installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance works

Installation Servicing Repairs & Maintenance

Framework Ref:

Installation Servicing Repairs & Maintenance

Start Date:

February 2024

End Date:

February 2028

OJEU Contract Notice:

2023/S 000-019535

OJEU Award Notice:


Framework lots & contractors

The Gen-4 framework fits the new requirements of public sector bodies in a fast-changing environment, with higher attention to data protection, the modern slavery act, the equality act, sustainability, plus modern solutions to social value benefits.

It sources the best in a wide range of disciplines to build a leading edge supply chain for registered social housing providers and public sector contracting authorities across Yorkshire and Humber, the East Midlands and North West for planned and responsive, installation, repairs and maintenance works. 

The framework is predominantly focused on the delivery of work to social housing properties in Yorkshire, Humber, the East Midlands and North West, but may extend to other public buildings such as schools and offices and other areas of the UK.

100 contractors 

100 contractors who demonstrated compliant experience, competence and capability were all appointed to at least one lot of the framework, however many contractors were successful in being appointed to more than one. 

36 Lots 

Lot 1     Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Works less than £3m

Lot 2     Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Works more than £1m

Lot 3     Adaptation Works

Lot 4     Window and Door Installation Works less than £3m

Lot 5     Window and Door Installation Works more than £1m

Lot 6     Brickwork, Masonry and Associated Ancillary Works

Lot 7     General Building Works and Repairs less than £3m

Lot 8     General Building Works and Repairs more than £1m

Lot 9     Paint and Pre-Paint Repair Works

Lot 10   Paving and External Works

Lot 11   External Fabric Works to High Rise

Lot 12   Gas Servicing and Maintenance Works

Lot 13   Heating Installation Works less than £3m

Lot 14   Heating Installation Works more than £1m

Lot 15   Commercial Heating Installation Works

Lot 16   Electrical Inspection, Testing and Remedial Repairs

Lot 17   Electrical Installation Works less than £3m

Lot 18   Electrical Installation Works more than £1m

Lot 19   Roofing Installation Works less than £3m

Lot 20   Roofing Installation Works more than £1m

Lot 21   Fire Compartmentation Works

Lot 22   Fire Doors Installation and Maintenance Works

Lot 23   Fire Alarms Installation and Maintenance Works

Lot 24   Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation and Maintenance Works

Lot 25   Damp Remediation Works

Lot 26   Renewable Heating and Ventilation Installation Works

Lot 27   External Wall Insulation

Lot 28   Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation

Lot 29   Solar PV Works

Lot 30   Whole House Internal and External Insulation Works less than £3m

Lot 31   Whole House Internal & External Insulation Works more than £1m

Lot 32   Whole House Retrofit Works less than £3m

Lot 33   Whole House Retrofit Works more than £1m

Lot 34   Voids Clear

Lot 35   Voids Clean

Lot 36   Voids Clean and Clear, Monitor and Secure Works - Unawarded

Lot 37    Voids Refurbishment Works


Call off 

Members can access the framework via mini-tender or direct award, offering flexibility in procurement processes. Lots are divided by scheme size.

The FAC-1  Framework Alliance Contract is designed to integrate projects under JCT, NEC and other project contracts.

The framework is backed by an extensive catalogue of schedules of rates to bring further speed and efficiency to the award of contracts, and has at its core standardised processes which improve project development and management.

85% SMEs

To contribute to regional economic regeneration through targeted sourcing, Efficiency North has appointed high performing contractors, 85% of which are SMEs, not only to provide opportunities for them, but also to offer the benefits these smaller size companies can provide for our members, in addition to the value of larger national contractors. EN:Procure has aimed to create the right conditions to allow contractors and communities alike to thrive through the activity of the framework.

Dynamic ESG delivery

The framework has been carefully considered to align with the Government’s recommendations for Constructing the Gold Standard, emphasising quality, innovation and sustainability.  Through a collaborative structure core group defence within the Framework Alliance Contract,  EN:Procure and contractors will work together to reduce inflationary impacts on members, understand and map supply chains, generate greater social value and accelerate our contractors and members’ journeys to net zero.

The framework includes dynamic models for ESG delivery, reflecting many of the themes in the government’s Constructing the Gold Standard report. Contractors are required to deliver one ESG unit per £50,000 contract spend to provide a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits for communities served by Efficiency North’s membership of social housing providers.  Social value outcomes are measured through the National TOMS system.

ESG units include:

  • educational activities such as visits to construction sites, free webinars and mock employment interviews
  • volunteer days in the local community
  • donations to our charity EN:Able Communities CIO or EN:Able Futures CIC flexi-job apprenticeship service
  • short training courses to upskill the workforce
  • T-level work experience
  • T-level work placement
  • New full time employment position for minimum 12 months
  • Direct apprenticeship
  • Flexi-job apprenticeship through EN:Able Futures CIC
Framework Contact

Carl Bairstow


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