Lift Maintenance and Installation

Lift Maintenance and Installation

Framework Ref:

Lift Maintenance and Installation

Start Date:

August 2020

End Date:

August 2024

OJEU Contract Notice:

2020/S 099-238508

OJEU Award Notice:

2020/S 167-405973

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Framework Lots and Contractors


The Consultancy framework is specifically designed to provide lift related work and services to estates across the public sector and supports a variety of design, installation, refurbishment and the servicing/maintenance of passenger/goods lifts and domestic lifts

Whilst the framework is predominantly for social housing in the Northern England region, it can be extended to cover other sectors and other regions of the country.

The framework lots are detailed below. All appointed contractors are LEIA Members:

Lot 1 -  Passenger/Goods Lifts – Servicing and Maintenance

Lot 2 - Passenger/Goods Lifts – Installation, Refurbishment and Upgrading

Lift Consutancy Services may also be accessed.  For further information see:

The framework is a free to access framework for members who use the New Build Framework or one or more of the other EN: Procure Frameworks.

Call Off Mechanism

The framework provides 2 principle call-off routes

Direct Selection:

A simple mechanism that allows selection of Consultant on the relevant lot without having to undertake a separate tender exercise; the selection is based on the tendered framework rates and the application of capability criteria to determine the most economically advantageous offer for the specific project.

Mini Competition:

Where all eligible consultants from the relevant lot, capable of carrying out the service, are invited to tender; the Invitation to Tender setting out the criteria to be used to determine the most economically advantageous tender.

For both call off routes capability criteria can be applied to source and/or ensure consultants are selected who have the required financial stability, capacity, levels of experience and insurance.

Framework Contact

Carl Bairstow