the advantages of using EN:Procure frameworks

Efficiency through procurement

• Fast, efficient, easy to use Public Contract Regulation compliant procurement frameworks that remove the need to undertake costly and time-consuming procurement processes.

• Significant reduction in procurement timescales from a few months to weeks.

• Having the flexibility in the planning and running of tender processes via mini-competition or by direct award.

• Transparent prices that can be further reduced by competition at call off or provide a basis from which to inititate further negotiations of specific contracts. 

• Experienced procurement and contract management expertise and resource to guide you through every step.

• Reduced risk – added protection in using a framework

• Ongoing framework team support throughout the life of any contract, providing contract management expertise and advice

• Greater transparency and control of expenditure

• Performance measurement systems (KPIs). We actively monitor our framework contractors on live schemes against framework KPIs to ensure that they continue to meet our high expected standards when working for you.

To contribute to regional economic regeneration EN:Procure has appointed high performing contractors, most of these contractors are SMEs. EN:Procure promotes local economic growth with community investment and employment and skills training.